Mildred || Caviteña
"I know people will hate me, rate me, shake me, and try to break me. But how strong I stand is what makes me."
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Musta meet up? :)

  1. acljndro answered: :( Wala ka.
  2. ememlovessss said: Bkit wala ka ate :(((( ?
  3. nagiinarteee answered: tara mini meet up next year!
  4. nathanielroxas answered: Wala ka kasi eh.
  5. binatanghero answered: wala ka. :’(
  6. fourleafcloooover answered: Miss you ate mildred! ♥
  7. fairyteeeeel answered: BAKIT WALA KA DUN ATE MILDRED!!
  8. djspanoply answered: di ako nakapunta pumunta :(
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